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Donald Schlising

Photographer / Author

Inspired by Ansel Adams, I have a passion to capture black and white nature, urban and landscape imagery. I seek unique shots that are bold and high in contrast, normally taken on overcast days or focused on subjects bathed in a splash of light. Black and white imagery conveys a sense of depth and emotion that I’m unable to experience with color, and my hope is that when you view my photography you feel the same sense of awe that I experienced when I took the pictures.

Tenth Page published my first science fiction novel, MXX: Agent Soldier, and I’m currently writing the second novel in the series, MXX: Two Promises. I also have a number of published short stories scattered throughout the deep expanse of the Internet, and a few samples of my writing on this website.

On a more personal note, I’m forever grateful of the service, dedication, and patriotism of the men and women who serve in the United States Armed Forces. Their bravery and service to our country, and its people, provides me the freedom and opportunity to do what I do. Because of that, I donate half of all of the profits made from my photography print and books sales to Puppies Behind Bars and Homes for our Troops.

I would like to thank everyone who makes a purchase, views, or posts on this website, and I’ll always welcome your comments and thoughts.